5 Tips To Ace Your Next Business Negotiation

5 Tips To Ace Your Next Business Negotiation

Business negotiations are always a tricky and nervous affair. But, there's no better feeling than that feeling of victory after you ace a business negotiation. Not only will you be proud of your effort, but so will your boss.

But, more often than not, these negotiation don't always go in your favor. That made us think. Is there a way to ensure you're fully prepared for a business negotiation and say all the right things? We decided to let an expert guide us there. And, who better than Richard Mullender , Former Lead Trainer at the National Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit, Scotland Yard . He had practically made a living successfully negotiating with terrorists.

Business Insider posed questions in front of him and this is what he had to say: Five tips every employee should follow to ace business negotiations like a pro:

  1. Listen to everything that is said before responding: Listening is an underrated art.
  2. Work as a team and know your role in the negotiation: Don't let your ego play havoc. It's all about being a team.
  3. Prepare a get-out code should you need one: Always be prepared for every scenario.
  4. Remember it is a compromise: Again, don't bring your ego to the negotiation.
  5. If the other negotiation team start to talk amongst themselves, just keep quiet and listen: Who knows, you may get information that could actually help you.

Good luck on your next negotiation!

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