Held Hostage by Your Consultants?

Held Hostage by Your Consultants?

Following on from last weeks’ blog I am going to go there! Is your consulting firm, independent consultant or even your IT department holding you hostage? Blackmailing you for higher rates for off-hours support or expecting more for helping? Recognize any of these?

  • The rate is WHAT for after-hours support?
  • It’s their job, what’s the fuss all about!
  • I mean really, it is only a 5 minute call, HELP!
  • No one else can help with this, only you.
  • Why isn’t he answering his email or text?

I am sure you can think of many more examples but the point here is: Why are you being held hostage to fix something that you know only takes a few minutes of someone’s time to remedy?
Ah right, it’s because they can!

How do you resolve it? I would be interested to hear what your answer is for a practical solution. Next week I plan to bring all these posts together and give you something to ponder BUT I NEED YOUR HELP. Give me your feedback, good, bad or indifferent.

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