How To Celebrate Labor Day As An Entrepreneur

How To Celebrate Labor Day As An Entrepreneur

Labor Day, a federal holiday established in 1894 to honor members of the workforce, is today a national day-off commonly referred to as the unofficial end of summer and a back-to-school salute.

Or, as many of us entrepreneurs see it, an extra workday to complete all the projects that need to be addressed before the official workweek begins.

While many business owners would prefer to take a break and enjoy the festivities, in our 24/7 mobile work cycle, additional time to focus on all our responsibilities is an advantage that can’t be neglected. And, since it is a national holiday, the “day-off” usually allows us to work on independent projects, which tend to be put aside because of office-wide projects that take precedence.

On this Labor Day, knowing that many members of the small business and start-up communities would be working today, the Xprtly! team wanted to relay a couple of thoughts about how a working entrepreneur can commemorate Labor Day:

Be Thankful

First and foremost, express gratitude for all of the past workers who have paved the way for you to be able to work today. Take a moment to reflect on the past workers who had to endure rough working conditions, and those who took a stance and helped make a difference for today’s workforce. Also, don’t forget to pay respect to your colleagues and servers who support you daily — the barista at your local coffee shop likely deserves as much recognition as you do for the quality of service that’s provided.

Know That It Is Ok To Work

If you’re going to work today, know why you’re working. As an entrepreneur, you started your business for a reason, and hopefully because it was a labor of love — a task you continue to have passion for. Perhaps today your work can be comprised of significant projects of that don’t usually take priority. Have a clear objective for the day, and reassure yourself that it is ok to work on projects that matter to you.

If you’re going to work, work well and efficiently. Remember, today is a holiday, don’t waste your time, use it well, get your projects done, and then take a break.

Take Care of Yourself

While work can be overwhelming and it can feel like there is never enough time, you must remember to look out for yourself. You can only produce your best work if you are well. Your health is important and needs prioritization, and as studies have shown, taking a break may increase your productivity!

This Labor Day, take the time you need to get your work done – whether today’s task is to complete a pushed off project or spend quality time with friends and family, make it a Labor Day that matters.

Let us know in the comments how you celebrated Labor Day this year!

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