It’s Time To Measure Mobile Workforce Contributions

It’s Time To Measure Mobile Workforce Contributions

It appears that Marissa Mayer’s directive to Yahoo! employees notwithstanding, site planners are seeing new office operation trends. The most significant trend they discuss is the shift “from strict workplace utilization into a more flexible occupancy measure.” In other words, the facility and site requirements may not decrease, but definite changes are in the making about how office space is organized and used.

“Now, not only are employees mobile anywhere, they are also 'freed' within buildings with VoIP phones and wireless instead of a desktop phone; working at a specific desk does not have its previous importance. This translates into corporate thinking that "we don’t worry about which seat you’re in. We know you’re here because technology tells us that. And we know you’re working because you’re meeting your goals.” - Richard Jordan, eBusiness Strategies, LLC “Adapting to Growing Workforce Mobility Issues”

Organizations are becoming less concerned with where their employees are physically located due to technological improvements that can provide those details without a visual confirmation. Further, managers can know that their employees are working because the goals set for achievement are met. Technology has indeed allowed for easier management of the dispersed, mobile workforce.

However, the workforce management process and performance metrics still lack visibility at various points. For example

  • How effectively did the team members collaborate?
  • Were the project’s hired consultants on the team responsive? If so, how well did they do in their responsiveness?
  • How efficient were their task related interactions?

In addition to new office operation trends, with the growth of the digital workplace, and an expected 30% BYOD annual growth through 2017, what organizations need is a tool that can provide accountability insights for the mobile workforce.

So, what if there was a tool that could provide the insights and answer the above questions? In fact, the tool exists – look no further than Xprtly!.

Let Xprtly! supply your organization with workforce contribution Visibility, Traceability, and Accountability!

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