Our Mobile App Kickstarter is Live!

Our Mobile App Kickstarter is Live!

The Xprtly mobile first web app and UI development project takes off

That’s right. We launched our Kickstarter campaign to take our awesome mobile app Xprtly! to the next level. We also put up our press release and we’re already talking with people through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram about the Xprtly! mobile-first solution.

Long journey to a killer mobile app solution

It’s been a long journey to get here — 20 years. Our Product Architect managed consulting teams back in the 90’s when there weren’t many ways to improve consulting experiences.

You see, consulting was highly iterative, like watching ping pong. A client would make a request. A consultant would respond with what he thought the client wanted. Next, the client provided clarification. Then the consultant would take the clarification and create a solution or a statement of work or a specification, only to have the client then review it and then provide more clarification.

Lots of “back and forth” that could last for days, even months.

The Quest to Save Time and Money and Documents

Fast forward to 2005 and very little had changed. While the web was faster and more reliable, the nature of consulting and the consulting experience still remained highly iterative and documentation was still at risk. However, the pace of business had changed and so had clients’ expectations. Enterprise software implementations were now expected to complete in 12 months or less, not the 18 to 24 month efforts as before. Plus, more communication between clients and consultants occurred on mobile devices via not only phone calls and email, but SMS text messages as well. So much documentation was not captured, but lost.

So what if…?

“What if we could make the consulting experience better, faster, less costly, and more transparent?” Thus, the idea of Xprtly! was born.

We started work January 2013 and built our mobile app prototype. After finding a software development team that April, we had a mobile app alpha product available mid-June with our private beta in September. We announced our public beta in January 2014.

All along the way, we gathered valuable feedback from enterprise software users among IT, finance and business experts about Xprtly! reducing consulting pains while reducing response times (to minutes) and increasing accountability and overall performance support in delivering expert with answers and solutions.

Yes, more than just another mobile app: we built a full-fledged mobile solution.

In June 2015, we launched the Xprtly! app as a mobile-first solution in the Apple, Google, and Windows app stores. Now we were getting feedback on our mobile solution from a much larger software and IT consultant audience.

Next Steps: Web App, UX/UI Development

We funded all of this work from profits created by our consulting engagements, and in August 2015, it was time for Xprtly! to have its own existence, and business entity.

Our mobile app beta customers have consistently asked for two things: the ability to access Xprtly! from desktop via a web app, and for a more engaging, robust interface.

This is who we listen to. And you are the reason for our Kickstarter campaign.

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