The Multitasking Nirvana

The Multitasking Nirvana

Can You Be 100% focused 100% of the time?

Your agenda tomorrow has three critical morning meetings, lunch with the CEO and CFO, and four major meetings in the afternoon. Then your daughter’s talent show AND your wife’s birthday! That’s ten things to focus on simultaneously in one day!

Ten things to focus on, sounds easy, right? That’s 10% on each event and you will get through it. THINK AGAIN!

By definition, if you do 10% of something, you’ll be successful once every ten times. So a successful lunch is ok? Keeping the daughter happy will suffice? Ah it’s ok, the wife has another birthday next year. Coming up with that example had my mind racing on how to execute, but it’s completely possible with the right mindset and correct approach. There is a solution that enables you to give 100% of your focus to each part of your day.

Is this the nirvana of multi-tasking? How can anyone focus all the time? Well it’s possible!

Here’s how:

    1. Plan

    2. Prepare

    3. Execute

    a. Focus

    b. Notes/Reminders

    c. Forget

    4. Review

Let's break it down:

Plan out your day: Hour by hour; minute by minute; beginning to end

Prepare everything for each activity before the day starts: Meeting details; book a table for lunch; address of the talent show; present for your wife.

Execute as per your plan, utilizing what you prepared and focus 100% on the current activity only.

Take notes in meetings, reminders at events (photos!) then forget. Now you can execute on your next activity with a clear mind and focus 100%, while being perfectly prepared.

The notes you took (or photo) enable you to remember and review the activities of the day later.

By following this structure you can be 100% present and 100% focused every time.

Give this multitasking nirvana state a try, and let us know how it works for you!

P.S. Thanks to Buffer's article "Single Task Your Way Through Your Day" for the inspiration to put this post together :)

Header Image Credit: "Dictionary Focus Crop" by Chris Dlugosz is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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