What Is Xprtly!, really? Is it an FMS?

What Is Xprtly!, really? Is it an FMS?

Freelancer Management System (FMS) is a new term, but it’s here to stay. Recently Emergent Research published an article on its Small Business Labs web site about the emergence of Freelancer Management Systems. The author mentions companies such as MBO Partners, Work Market, Elance-oDesk, and On Force as examples of FMS’s currently in the business of helping organizations move through the freelancer hiring process — design statements of work, negotiate milestones, create work invoices, pay for work performed, and rate work quality.

There is a definite need for these kinds of services in the marketplace! But . . .

What if you have a simple question or need? Such as:

  • What are the considerations to bear in mind when I increase tablespace in my relational database?
  • Why can’t I see my purchase order in our company’s procurement system?
  • How do I close the books (the CFO is losing it!)?

Further, let’s assume the question is urgent and you don’t have time to visit TechTarget’s IT KnowledgeExchange to determine if your question has already been asked or to submit a question only to wait (and hope) for an answer. Xprtly! XaaSTM is designed for your critical and urgent questions that can’t wait for hours of research or a response from an overworked IT employee.

If your organization wants greater visibility and traceability regarding the work that your freelancers and consultants perform, you want to use Xprtly! EnterpriseTM. This platform mitigates project risk involved with using external experts because it allows managers to see what is happening in real time, not after the project is finished and stakeholders are unhappy due to a poor consulting experience.

Can Xprtly!TM be used as an FMS? It’s certainly one of our use cases, and it provides so much more in the way of real time visibility.

Would you agree that Xprtly!TM belongs in the FMS category? If you’re an independent consultant, how would you use Xprtly!TM to deliver your services? If you’re part of an organization, does Xprtly! XaaSTM or Xprtly! EnterpriseTM fit your environment better?

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