What's a Project Manager To Do?

What's a Project Manager To Do?

The Problem

Many of the processes associated with work are manual! For example, a consultant receives an e-mail from a client. She reads the e-mail, and thinks about a solution. Then she calls her client to propose the solution, and possibly, to arrange a meeting for further discussion or implementation. Maybe she remembers to record her activities on her timesheet, or more likely, she forgets or chooses to push it off. If it's pushed, how accurate can her memory be?

A recent Harvard Business Review post, about the billions lost each day simply because employees aren’t good about using their timesheets, emphasizes the insufficiency of current billable hour tracking processes to account for the time it takes to read and respond to emails. And, if we're going to be focusing on accounting for all of a consultant's actions, let us not forget about the texts and phone calls — a consultant’s billable time can just as easily be consumed by those as it can be by e-mail. Unfortunately, each of these activities CURRENTLY involves manual processes that allow for time leakage, i.e. revenue that is lost...but, there is a solution!

From an organizational perspective, these manual processes also mean lost productivity and unreliable metrics. How can an enterprise evaluate the true cost-benefit of its projects when the time recorded for tasks and activities relies upon human memory?

Manual processes are a not only a problem for professional services providers, but they are also challenging for client organizations.

The Solution

What if there was a mobile app that automated many of those manual processes associated with tracking time? What if an organization had visibility into time spent by consultants on phone calls, e-mails, and text messaging? What if a professional services provider could have better insight into and have auditable records for utilization of its consulting workforce irrespective of location or time zone?

Xprtly! was designed to address these challenges. Download our user demo and find out how Xprtly! can automate work processes for your next project!

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