Where's My Expert?

Where's My Expert?

Where is an expert when you need one? It’s that business critical moment and something goes wrong:

  • Payroll won’t run
  • Can’t close the books
  • That report won’t complete
  • System says “Increase your tablespace”
  • Software system error ‘000000’

You know that three minutes with the right person is all you need but what do you do? How do you get hold of them? The CFO has sent several e-mails asking for your work, but it’s not ready!

This is a common situation, and if you haven’t experienced it yet, you will eventually. The frustration, the panic, the headshaking, and the exasperation will drive you mad, but what is the answer?

If we had a crystal ball we would arrange for issues like this to arise while everyone was in the office — such as, when your support desk was open, or maybe when your external consulting firm is present. Ah the simplicity of utopia!

We have a solution to finding an expert just when you need one Xprtly! XaaS.

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