Windsor, Xprtly! XaaS, and Oracle OpenWorld

Windsor, Xprtly! XaaS, and Oracle OpenWorld

What a week is was for Xprtly! at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.

To coincide with the start of the show, Xprtly! announced the release of a new service XaaS, Xprt as a Service. You can click here to see our press release.

Unique to the ERP and software marketplace Xprtly! XaaS was very well received, both from the end user community and from software vendors likewise. Both groups could readily see its value and benefits.

Click here to gain a better understanding of the Xprtly! XaaS offering and the benefits you can enjoy from using it.

As part of the XaaS announcement we are also expanding our Xprt network. Click here to find out more about how you can become an Xprtly! XaaS Xprt.

Finally we had a contest running throughout the trade show — “Where’s Windsor”. The reward for finding Windsor and taking a selfie with him was a gift certificate for Amazon and we did get a winner. Congratulations Kelly!

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