Productivity experts suggest that most of us really need good time management habits and skills, rather than taking time to track our time usage. Perhaps those experts have a valid point for some of us.

For those of us who sell our time — freelancers, independent contractors, and consultants — time tracking is essential. Sloppy time tracking means lost revenue.

For those of us who manage sellers of time and manage the expectations of purchasers of time — project managers — the challenge is more complex. Now, the issue isn’t just time, is it? The discussion is about value and utilization.

For those of us who are purchasing time — client organizations — the question is: How can I get the most value for a specified amount of time?

To date, the marketplace includes software applications for project management, time keeping, and desktop monitoring. The mobile marketplace has apps for time keeping and administration, productivity, collaboration, and project management.

But . . . they’re all separate tools!

Can you imagine a tool that includes automated time tracking, collaboration, and project management, along with auditing and analysis capability? We can; we built it!

Xprtly! began because of what we heard, sensed, and felt. We heard frustration. We sensed anxiety. We felt tension. We worked to understand the angst over the need to find a better way for clients and experts to interact with each other. Xprtly! was designed to address the frustration and anxiety and tension of these situations.

We built a metrics-driven collaboration platform using mobile and web technology to address the manual nature of interaction processes.

Now organizations can deliver above and beyond while employing efficient cost-control procedures.

Take a look at Xprtly!. You’ll be glad you did!